first course

Pork Terrine  12
Herbed crackers, mustard, pickled grapefruit

Grilled Asparagus  13
Bearnaise noisette, ventreche, pickled ramps

Mushroom Soup  10
Creme fraiche, gougeres, chervil

Soft-Shell Crab 16
Saffron, ginger, fennel

Spring Salad  10
Rhubarb, pistachios, ricotta

Seared Gnocchi  15
Curried pork ragu, carrot, parsnip

Salad of Baby Lettuces  8
Verjus and rosewater dressing, herbs, apricots

main course

Grilled Lamb Chop  32
Ramps, nettles, triticale crepe

Black Linguini  25
Squid, garlic, fennel

Seared Scallops 28
Peas, rye berries, bacon

Roasted & Braised Chicken  23
Feta & sorrel turnovers, asparagus

Artichoke & Mushroom Tart 21
Saffron, arugula, barndance

Grilled Tuna  29
Favas, cumin, radishes

Veal  29
Flank, sweetbreads, morels