first course

Duck Rillettes  12
Herbed crackers, mustard, pickled grapefruit

Grilled Asparagus  13
Poached egg, guanciale, green goddess

Mushroom Soup  10
Creme fraiche, gougeres, chervil

Crab Salad 16
Saffron, ginger, fennel

Spring Salad  10
Rhubarb, pistachios, ricotta

Seared Gnocchi  15
Curried pork ragu, carrot, parsnip

Salad of Baby Lettuces  8
Verjus and rosewater dressing, herbs, apricots

main course

Grilled Lamb Chop  32
Ramps, nettles, triticale crepe

Black Linguini  25
Squid, garlic, fennel

Seared Scallops 28
Peas, rye berries, bacon

Roasted & Braised Chicken  23
Feta & sorrel turnovers, asparagus

Artichoke & Mushroom Tart 21
Saffron, arugula, barndance

Grilled Tuna  29
Favas, cumin, radishes

Veal  29
Flank, sweetbreads, morels